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We know that travel aids us in the pursuit of knowledge, connection and understanding other cultures. But travel goes much deeper- it aids in our pursuit of spirituality. This is because travel requires us to think outside of our narrow, daily expanse and begs the questions, why are we here and what is our purpose? It may seem lofty, but traveling really can be a spiritual, philosophical experience, especially when your journey is with Israel Tour. In this blog post, we’ll break down how exactly travel can aid you in your spiritual endeavors.

One of the first and most prominent ways travel can be a spiritual experience is that it forces you to slow down, take it all in and smell the roses. Travel removes you from everyday stressors like work, transportation, money, school, taxes, emails and more. When traveling, you can focus on what’s right in front of you- the beach, the mountains or maybe a picturesque city street. When you recognize this beauty, you begin to let go of all the minutiae that accompanies our everyday lives and you learn what is really important. In this way, you elevate yourself above the mundane and all yourself with things of greater importance such as- connection, art, music, food, love, kindness, spirit.

Additionally, travel takes you out of your comfort zone. Most of us have a day to day routine that we grip onto with incomprehensible strength and fervor. But when we travel, we are ripped from our routines and complacency and instead see life in a brand new perspective, an amalgamation of the viewpoints of those around us. In this way, we are tethered to all those sharing in the human experience, giving us a sense of connection and soulfulness and purpose. Furthermore, travel acquaints us with uncertainty. Uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain in life. Most of us don’t deal with uncertainty/change well, we like to have control over what happens to use and those around us. The sad truth is that we often do not. Travel helps us embrace the unexpected and to find beauty and joy in the uncertainty. It allows us to be at peace with the fact that we can only control so much and to be thankful for what we do have.

This brings us to our next point. Traveling teaches gratitude in a way a classroom never could. Traveling removes us from our egocentric selves and acts as an equalizer. We all sides of another while we travel- the bad breath in the morning, the sheer frustration when transportation doesn’t go according to plan, the momentous awe when seeing one of the world’s many wonders for the first time. It is this raw and vulnerable self that allows us to open up to others and give of ourselves, recognizing we are lucky for what we possess, a luckiness that precedes wanting to impart it to others.

When we experience gratitude, we can enjoy life more; when we enjoy life more, we ca live in the now. And now is the time to embark upon the journey of your lifetime. If you are interested in spiritual revamping, look no further than one of the many tours offered by Israel Tour. Many are guided by rabbis or other spiritual leaders and feature impressive religious landmarks.