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ITC was founded in 1983, as an outgrowth of our first Israel trip with our local community. We have been family owned and managed since our beginning, and have been growing by leaps and bounds ever since! ITC custom designs each and every program for both groups and individuals.

Our superb reputation reflects the imaginative programming and the level of service for which we are known.

When you combine our expertise and competitive pricing, we are the perfect partner to help you meet – and exceed – your expectations!

Products offered

ITC Tour’s highly experienced staff will help you with all of your Israel and worldwide travel needs.

Our travel professionals work with individuals and groups of every kind. Synagogues, Holy Land Pilgrimages, special-interest groups, family (including Bar/Bat Mitzvah) trips, fraternal organizations, and any other group that comes to mind!

“The tour was so great and it has changed a lot of my perspective about Israel and of course in my own life. I arrived to Amsterdam yesterday. Thank you so much for your effort to make my dream tour a reality.” -Robert L


Israel Tour connection is an experienced tour operation that sells uniquely programmed travel packages. We have positioned ourselves as a niche service provider within the travel and tourism market by offering high quality packages with various guaranteed departures. These packages may include air and land services, access to academic speakers, political and religious leaders, superior accommodations, unique dining and diverse entertainment. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff offers competitive rates and a specialty focus on Jewish and Christian travel. In other words, they offer greater satisfaction for our clients.

ITC Guides

What makes our guides distinctive? Our guides are experienced English speaking native Israeli’s who have impeccable credentials in addition to extensive knowledge, energy, and creativity. They keep abreast of current affairs and always know what is new, interesting and essential to see. Our guides make Israel come alive for visitors of all ages while strengthening the vital connection to the Jewish people and our homeland. You are sure to get more than what you saw on your itinerary!

5-STAR Deluxe Hotels

Our Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours feature deluxe 5-star hotels located in some of the finest locations in Israel, such as:

  • The famous David Citadel in Jerusalem’s Old City
  • The Carlton Hotel on the beach in Tel Aviv
  • Hotel Moriah in Tiberias, with vistas of the Sea of Galilee

Our B’nai Mitzvahs receive a preparation kit for use in the Torah portion and prayers as well as a recorded Cantorial CD. The family will meet with the Rabbi prior to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah day to discuss the ceremony. These tours also include a complimentary color Sourcebook prepared for your use while traveling in Israel.


All Israel Tour Connection Family Tours are children-friendly with a host of hands-on activities planned each day. Your entire family will get to see, smell and touch the land and truly experience the beauty of Israel and her people. You will also receive an itinerary that is detailed and organized in every way possible. Our program is designed with an educational background and is planned and arranged for three-generational family groups. Israel Tour Connection makes the difference between an ordinary trip to Israel and an extraordinary one!

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