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Join Rabbi Ron and Leora Isaacs on An Israel Family Adventure | Israel Tour
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June 25 – July 7, 2017
Israel Tour / Join Rabbi Ron and Leora Isaacs on An Israel Family Adventure

Join Rabbi Ron and Leora Isaacs on An Israel Family Adventure


per person

June 25 – July 7, 2017

Your tour will cover cover some of Israel‛s many wonders from Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Coast. Haifa Bay and the Bahai Gardens, Rosh Hanikra, Druze Village, Bet She‛arim, Galita Chocolate Factory, Zfat, Raft down the Jordan River., Mt. Scoops, Welcome Shabbat in Jerusalem along Jews from around the world.

Tour highlights:

Your tour will cover cover some of Israel‛s many wonders from Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Coast. Haifa Bay and the Bahai Gardens, Rosh Hanikra, Druze Village, Bet She‛arim, Galita Chocolate Factory, Zfat, Raft down the Jordan River., Mt. Scopus, Welcome Shabbat in Jerusalem along Jews from around the world. Celebrate the community we create as we travel and meet so many amazing Israelis. The itinerary was expertly designed with Rabbi Isaacs to include exciting activities activities for families of all ages. Your senses will be filled with the life, smells, tastes, sounds, and textures of modern Israel, along with an appreciation of the connections of our Jewish roots and biblical history, greater awareness of contemporary events and challenges facing Israel today.A fantastic tour filled with meaningful experiences and fun!

Your tour will cover cover some of Israel‛s many wonders from Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Coast. Haifa Bay and the Bahai Gardens, Rosh Hanikra, Druze Village, Bet She‛arim, Galita Chocolate Factory, Zfat, Raft down the Jordan River., Mt. Scoops, Welcome Shabbat in Jerusalem along Jews from around the world.

Join Rabbi Ron and Leora Isaacs on An Israel Family Adventure

June 25 – July 7, 2017

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“The best way to stand with Israel, is to be in Israel”

Hotels: Dan Panoarma Jerusalem,Tel Aviv, Haifa, Kibbutz Nof Ginosar and Isrotel Dead Sea, All Breakfasts, Shabbat Dinner and Lunch, 8 Week-Day Dinners and Seuda Shlishit . Touring with Rabbi Ron and Leora Isaacs and one of Israel’s Top Tour Guide Educators Dr. Joe Freedman in a DeluxeTouring Motor Coach


Sunday, 25 June, 2017

(II Rosh Hodesh Tammuz) The Journey Begins Depart USA on an overnight flight to Israel

Monday, 26 June

When You Come Into the Land…(Deut. 26:1) Morning arrival in Israel; meet your ITC representative and Tour Educator (guide), Joe Freedman, at Ben Gurion Airport. Our introduction to Israel begins at NeotKedumim– the Biblical botanical gardens. We will connect with Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) of the Bible and of today. We will also experience first-hand why so many of our leaders – ancient and modern – began as shepherds. Driving up the coast we take a break to swim in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Arriving in Haifa we stop at the breathtaking view of Haifa Bay and the Bahai Gardens. Check-in to the hotel; welcome dinner and orientation. Overnight: Dan Panorama Hotel, Haifa[D]

Tuesday, 27 June

Most Blessed of Sons be Asher…(Deut. 33:24) To understand Haifa‛s reputation of being a city where Jews and Arabs live in cooperation (and not merely in coexistence), we visit the Bet HaGefen Arab Jewish Center.The Center‛s staff will take us on a fascinating walking tour of the Arab neighborhood of WadiNisnas, which is decorated with street art. Heading north along the coast (in the Biblical territory of the tribe of Asher) we view the natural beauty of the grottos (caves) at Rosh Hanikra – the northernmost point on Israel‛s Mediterranean shore. In Acco we learn about the city‛s importance from Biblical times, to the Crusader Period (12th-13th Centuries), to the present. We will walk through the “underground” Crusader city and along the colorful marina. In the afternoon we visit the Or HaTorah synagogue – a modern shul which is decorated with mosaics. For dinner we have a special treat: we will eat a scrumptious (and certified kosher!) dinner at a Druze Village, as we hear about the history and life of the Druze people in the area of Mt. Carmel. We return to our hotel in Haifa Overnight: Dan Panorama Hotel, Haifa [B, D]

Wednesday, 28 June

Jewish Roots in Ancient and Modern Galilee After checking-out of the hotel we drive slightly south of Haifa to the town of Atlit – site of a British detention camp for illegal Jewish immigrants (1940-48). We will learn about the determination of the Jewish refugees (most of whom were Holocaust survivors) and what their lives were like – once again – behind barbed wire. In the coolness of the caves at Bet She‛arim we learn about the heritage of Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi (Judah the Prince, d. 217 CE) and others who choose to be buried in the caves. Crossing the Galilee we note many sights associated with Biblical narratives as well as modern Israeli history. We stop briefly at Tel Shimron to gaze out onto the fertile Jezreel Valley and to pay homage to some of Israel‛s heroes buried nearby: Moshe Dayan and Ilan Ramon. Arriving on the shores of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) we participate in a finger-licking workshop at the Galita Chocolate Factory, Kibbutz Degania Bet. Check-in to the hotel. Time allowing, swim in the hotel‛s pool or right in the Kinneret! Overnight: NofGinosar Hotel, Kibbutz Ginosar on the Kinneret Sea [B, D]

Thursday, 29 June

I Raise My Eyes to the Mountains…(Psalms 121:1) In the mystical city of Zfat(Safed) we explore some of the historic synagogues and art galleries, and visit an artist who makes marvelous designs from glass! To understand some of the geopolitics of the region we visit Kibbutz Malkiyaand talk with some of the soldiers who patrol the border with Lebanon. Cutting across the “Finger of the Galilee” we enjoy a short ride in a raft down the tributaries of the Jordan River. After refreshing at the hotel we travel to Tiberias and take a boat ride on the Kinneret, to be followed by a delicious meal at one of Tiberias‛s best restaurants. Overnight: NofGinosar Hotel, Kibbutz Ginosar on the Kinneret Sea [B, D]

Friday, 30 June

A Land Holy to Many Peoples At the foot of Mt Tabor we visit the enchanting village of Kafr Kama, a settlement of Circassians (pronounced: Tcher-KAY-sians) – Sunni Muslims who were brought from the Caucasian mountains by the Turks in the mid-1800s. Loyal citizens of the State of Israel, they maintain their ethnic language and culture. After a brief introduction to their culture we will enjoy a brief walking tour of the village. Driving south toward Jerusalem, we stop at Qasar El Yahudon the bank of the Jordan River – just a few yards away from the Kingdom of Jordan! While for Christians the site has an association with John the Baptist, forJews this is a plausible location of where the Israelites first crossed over the Jordan River into the Land of Canaan, after wandering in the desert for forty years. Arriving in Jerusalem we get our first glimpse of the Old City from on top of Mt. Scopus and celebrate our “aliya” (ascent) to the Holy City. Check in to the hotel and personal preparations for Shabbat. Time allowing, we participate in a pre-Shabbat “happening” at the First Train Station. We see how music and the on- coming spirit of Shabbat can be communally celebrated by both the secular and religious in Jerusalem. Kabbalat Shabbat services as a group (TBD) Traditional Shabbat dinner at the hotel. Overnight: Dan Panorama Hotel, Jerusalem [B, D]

Shabbat, 1 July

(ParashatHukat) Sacred Time…in Sacred Space Choose from a variety synagogues to attend for Shabbat morning services (options will be presented by the staff). Festive group lunch, followed by free time for rest, swimming and enjoying Shabbat. Later in the afternoon, take a walking tour with Joe Freedman to explore one of the fascinating neighborhoods adjacent to the hotel. The walking tour will end in a nearby park where we will enjoy a light Seuda Shlihsheet(literally, the third meal of Shabbat) – a light snack to tide us over until Shabbat is over. Participate in a group Havdallaservice, marking the end of Shabbat, and then enjoy a free evening on Ben Yehuda Street or other areas near the hotel. Overnight: Dan Panorama Hotel, Jerusalem [B, L and snack]

Sunday, 2 July

Yerushalayim Shel Kulam – Everyone‛s Jerusalem Entering the Old City of Jerusalem we take a brief look at the Christian Quarter, with an emphasis on the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. In the Jewish Quarter experience the grandeur of the rebuilt Hurva Synagogue, which had been destroyed in 1948 and rededicated only in 2010. Lunch break and shopping time in the Jewish Quarter. After visiting the Kotel (Western Wall), take a fascinating tour along the Western Wall tunnel.Those who have been to the tunnel will have the option of participating in an interactive program called “From Jerusalem to Jerusalem”(or “Jerusalem Journey”) within the Kotel Tunnel complex. As if in a time capsule, visit the City of David to see remains of Jerusalem of the First Temple Period. Enjoy the cool water of Hezekiah‛s Water Tunnel (with an option of a dry tunnel for those who would prefer). Return to the hotel and enjoy time to relax and refresh. Dinner on one‛s own. Evening: View the captivating sound-and-light show, “The Night Spectacular”: The story of Jerusalem unfolds in a blaze of images, characters and sound as giant images and lights are projected onto the walls, archeological ruins, bridges, water cisterns and the hidden pathways of the citadel Overnight: Dan Panorama Hotel, Jerusalem [B]

Monday, 3 July

Remembering and Rebuilding Visit the Memorial Museum, Children‛s Memorial, and other exhibits at Yad Vashem, Israel‛s national Holocaust Memorial and Educational Center. At the Herzl Museum learn about the life, accomplishments and frustrations of Theodor Herzl. This will be followed by an overview of Mt Herzl,where we will pay respects at the grave of Herzl and other great leaders of the nation, as well as to soldiers who died in establishing and defending the State of Israel. Return to the hotel for relaxing and swimming.In an abrupt turn-around to the morning‛s program, we visit the colorful Mahaneh Yehuda market (shuk) to see how Jewish life has renewed itself in the State of Israel. We enjoy a group dinner in one of the Shuk‛s ethnic restaurants. Overnight: Dan Panorama Hotel, Jerusalem [B, D]

Tuesday, 4 July

To the Lowest Place on Earth We begin the day by giving something of ourselves to the people of Israel – volunteering at Pantry Packers. There we will pack food staples for some of the poorest families in Israel. Before leaving Israel for the Dead Sea we take a brief tour of “Jerusalem Lines,” focusing on the border that divided Jerusalem between Israel and Jordan (1948-1967) as well as the controversial Security Fence which prevents terrorist attacks. We arrive at our Dead Sea hotel where we can enjoy floating on the Dead Sea or make use of the hotel‛s facilities. Group dinner at the hotel. Overnight: Isrotel Dead Sea Spa Hotel[B, D]

Wednesday, 5 July

Freedom Fighters…or Fanatics? Early in the morning we ascend via cable car to Masada: one of several palace-fortresses set up by the King Herod, as a refuge and winter resort. In 73 CE, site of the Roman siege against the last of the zealots who revolted against Rome. Learn about the magnificent structures whose remains can be clearly seen. You will discuss whether the actions of the zealots were justified, or if they were “fanatics” who should be remembered as such. Go for a light nature walk along the river bed of Nahal David of the Ein Gedi complex of fresh water springs. Hear the story of how David sought refuge from King Saul in the caves on the cliffs lining the wadi (See I Samuel 24) Travel to Tel Aviv. Stops along the way as time permits. Check-in to the hotel. We have dinner at the Nalaga‛at Center. Meaning “Please Touch,” the center is a meeting place for the deaf, blind, deaf-blind and the general public. After our meal, that will be served by waiters who are completely deaf, we will watch a moving performance on the Nalagaat stage (pending performance scheduling). Overnight: Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv [B,D]

Thursday, 6 July

The First Hebrew City: Tel Aviv To understand the development of Tel Aviv, we take a brief walk through the charming neighborhood of Neve Zedek – one of the first Jewish areas built outside the adjacent city of Jaffa (1887). At Independence Hall learn about the history of Tel Aviv and relive the historic moment when Israel was proclaimed a state, by David Ben Gurion on May 14, 1948. We travel just south of Tel Aviv to the Ayalon Institutenear Rehovot. The name of the place is deliberately misleading as it housed a clandestine ammunitions plant during the last years of the British Mandate. We will bear witness to the ingenuity of the members of the pre-State Jewish underground (the Hagana) who risked their lives to protect the Jews in Eretz Yisrael. Return to the hotel for final swimming and packing, as late check-out will be arranged. A final dinner will be provided prior to this evening‛s flight. Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for late-night (or post-midnight) flight home. Overnight: (In flight)[B, D]

Friday, 7 July

A Temporary Departure Early morning arrival in the USA. Plan your next trip to Israel with ITC!

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