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There are many things to do and see when going on guided trips to Israel. However, there are only two places you can go: the Past and the Present. Do you wish to go exploring the bustling cities and modern-day achievements? Or would you prefer to walk through time and view the remnants of Israel’s famous events? No matter which option you choose, there are plenty of reasons to visit both kinds of locations on your trips to Israel. They each offer a unique perspective on how far the country has come in history. Here are a few reasons to visit the old Israel, as well as the new.


Old Israel

Israel is unique for being where many key cultures, events, and worldviews made birth. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all originated in the country. Because of this, there are plenty of locations that feature religious, cultural, and historical significance. Some of the ones you can visit on various tours of Israel are the Mount of Olives, Jaffa (the Old city), the Wailing Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Many of these sites can be seen on our classic tours of Israel, although they are also touched upon on our other, Religion-centric tours. There are plenty of other culturally/historically significant locations that offer timeless appeal. Take for instance the Dead Sea; the lowest point on Earth that offers a uniquely powerful relaxation experience. More information on the religious and historical significance of Israel can be found at its various museums. Needless to say, there is plenty to learn from such a historically important area.


Modern Israel

But there are plenty of other sites that pertain more to the recent history of the country. Tel Aviv, for instance, is a place of remarkable culture. It is the New York City of Jerusalem. It is filled with opportunities for leisure, shopping, and entertainment on your trips to Israel. A historically significant location to see is Independence Hall, the site of where the State of Israel was officially declared. A hard, yet powerful location to visit is Yad Vashem, the memorial site for victims of the Holocaust. You will also be able to witness the lives of the people of Tel Aviv. You will have the chance to see how each culture gives the city such a unique personality.


Powerful Experience

Ultimately, Israel contains a significance that is multi-dimensional. There are experiences that can profoundly impact your life. Whether or not you are curious about its current developments, or the footprints it carries from the past, you certainly have a lot to gain from trips to Israel. If you have any more questions about our tours of Israel, please feel free to contact us today. We provide plenty of travel options in our weekly tours.